At the beginning of August, the Holy Father has invited the faithful to reflect with him on the pressing questions which the pandemic has revealed. This will be one in the light of the Gospel, the theological virtues, and the principles of the Church’s Social Teaching. The hope of the Holy Father is that these will help to shed light on today’s issues, and to contribute to the building of a future of hope for future generations.

The Holy Father challenges us:

And so we can ask ourselves: today, in what way can we help heal our world? As disciples of the Lord Jesus, who is the physician of our souls and bodies, we are called to continue “His work, work of healing and salvation” (CCC, 1421) in a physical, social and spiritual sense.

Pope Francis concluded the first in this new series of Wednesday Audiences by issuing the following invitation:

In the next few weeks, I invite you to tackle together the pressing questions that the pandemic has brought to the fore, social ills above all. And we will do it in the light of the Gospel, of the theological virtues and of the principles of the Church’s social doctrine. We will explore together how our Catholic social tradition can help the human family heal this world that suffers from serious illnesses. It is my desire that everyone reflect and work together, as followers of Jesus who heals, to construct a better world, full of hope for future generations