Since my teenage years, the shrine of Our Lady of Penrhys has an important place in my heart. Since ordination to the diaconate, and then to the priesthood, I have made regular pilgrimages to Penrhys, particularly each May, usually taking small groups.

This year, I had booked to make the annual May pilgrimage to Penrhys with the Cathedral community. However, as this year we will be still be in lock-in, and so unable to go, I thought that we could all make a virtual pilgrimage together, from the shrine chapel in the Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Penrhys.

The day will be broadcast via Facebook Live, and can be accessed here, or on the front page of the Cathedral website.

The Virtual pilgrimage will take place on Saturday, 30th May 2020. The structure of the virtual pilgrimage will be as follows:

Regina Caeli & Midday Prayer to begin the Pilgrimage

Meditation – Led by Fr. Daniel Stanton

The Holy Rosary

Evening Prayer & Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
including Meditation

The Holy Rosary – Service Booklet
Meditation (via Soundcloud)