Introducing the Coronavirus Faith Capsule

After just over four months, it is so lovely to welcome you back to the Cathedral for the public celebrations of Mass. A lot has happened over the last few months, and things will continue to be strange and unfamiliar for the foreseeable future. I was listening to Radio Four last week, and on the programme Loose Ends the presenter interviewed a man who had started an initiative with teenagers called ‘the Coronavirus Time Capsule’, which has given teenagers a unique platform to channel their energies and anxieties of this pandemic by reflecting upon their own experiences of lock-down.

As we, as a community of faith, arrive at a new transition moment – returning to the public celebration of Mass for the first time – I thought that this may be a good experience to create our own ‘Coronavirus Faith Capsule’, where we are able to reflect upon our own experiences of lock-down within the context of living out our faith, and how our faith has grown/changed/been tested as a result of this experience.

Would you like to offer your voice and contribute?

Do you have any reflections or images of how you lived out your faith during lock-down which you would like to share?

Coming Up… The Next Step

My plan is to create and share a Coronavirus Faith Capsule podcast series; interviewing and chatting with people from different walks of life about how their faith has been impacted and changed by the lock-down. All of us have a story to share, and invaluable experiences to record for future generations.

If you have any thoughts on this project, and would like to get in touch, email me at cathedral@rcadc.org.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please complete this initial questionnaire.