I would like to sincerely thank all parishioners and visitors who have continued to support the Cathedral financially during these difficult months. Even though we were closed for a time last year, and are still operating under the Welsh Government’s coronavirus restrictions, emergency maintenance has still taken place, to ensure that the Cathedral complex continues to be a safe environment for prayer and worship. Being closed for an extended period of time has given us an opportunity to look at some issues without interruption to services and events. These issues have been prioritised according to the necessity of the Health and Safety guidelines. These have been prioritised for the safety of parishioners and visitors to the Cathedral. Most notably, prioritising the signing off of the gas safety certificate, through a new heating system which supply both Clergy House and the Cathedral. The previous boilers had come to the end of their working life. Last winter, if you remember, I noted in the newsletter that there were lots of issues. These boilers have been replaced at the cost of around £35,000, making the heating more efficient, and enabling us to have a new gas safety certificate. As well as this, the fire alarm system for Clergy House and the Mostyn Room also had to be upgraded in order to meet fire safety regulations, as well as to allow me to continue living on site. This work totalled £25,000. Essential maintenance works are also scheduled, and the property department of the Archdiocese is awaiting costings. These scheduled works will include the removal of birds from the roof space of the Cathedral, as well as dealing with guttering and external foliage growing in the stonework around the Cathedral. The issues with guttering and foliage have resulted in water egress into the Cathedral.

All of these works are paramount in enabling the Cathedral to fulfil its mission as the spiritual centre of the people of the Archdiocese of Cardiff. Are you able to contribute to the ongoing development of the Cathedral? If you are able to contribute in any way, there is a wall safe at the back of the Cathedral marked ‘Cathedral Development’. As well as this, there is also the option of donating through the Donation Station, clearly marking with ‘Building Development’. Thank you for your cooperation.