The three-day Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes concluded yesterday, with the Novena Mass, celebrated by Canon Mike Evans, Parish Priest of Grangetown. Canon Evans has been a pilgrim to Lourdes for many years, and has supported many as they have made their pilgrimages over the years.

He opened Mass last night by reflecting:

We are united around this altar at this special Mass tonight. One of the things Our Lady asked Bernadette was to come in pilgrimage, and that is what we are doing this evening. We’ve come on pilgrimage. We’ve come to the shrine to pay our respects as plant Mair – Mary’s children!

We’ve come to our Mother this night, and I suppose we’ve come to our Mother like we go to all our mothers, bringing our fears, our doubts, our uncertainties. We bring to her everything this night, and hopefully, in return she will give us her love, her reassurance.