Broad Street

Broad Street provided access to the town from Cardiff Bridge and the West Gate. It connected to Castle Street and to Angel Street. The Cardiff Arms Hotel was located on the west side of Broad Street. The Cowbridge Arms was located on the east side of Broad Street between Castle Street and Angel Street.

The Cowbridge Arms was a beer-house frequented by farmers and carriers whereas the Cardiff Arms was a significant coaching inn where travellers were welcomed.

This strategically important area was redeveloped under the provisions of The Cardiff Improvement Act of 1875.The continual increase in traffic was causing severe congestion along what were a series of narrow streets. It was proposed that the buildings between Castle Street and Angel Street be removed. This proposal included the demolition of The Cowbridge Arms. This was accomplished in 1878. The Cardiff Arms Hotel was demolished in 1883 because it constituted a major obstruction to improving the flow of traffic to the west. Large crowds assembled to watch it come down.

The road became a “wide and noble thoroughfare of what was very little better than a cul de sac” Western Mail June 13 1883


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